Kenneth Linsner

Kenneth Jay Linsner ASA, SCV, REV, ASG

Kenneth Jay Linsner is the director of Art Services Group (ASG), a full-service company offering a range of appraisal, conservation, and litigation support for works of art. Past president of the American Society of Appraisers, Mr. Linsner has for 30 years provided counsel to the Rockefeller, Kennedy, and Mars families, among other distinguished clients. His firm is based in New York, and his professional offices have been in Moscow, Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Geneva.

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Litigation Support.
The primary purpose of ASG is to provide a full range of appraisal services. Mr. Linsner is an officer and senior member of major professional organizations in the field of art evaluation, and has been called by his distinguished colleague, Charles Rosoff of Appraisal Services Inc., “the appraiser’s appraiser.” The repair and conservation of works of art provides another important service of ASG through Mr. Linsner’s expertise. In addition to his professional restoration work, Mr. Linsner has written and lectured extensively on art conservation, condition analysis, and the scientific detection of forgeries. Mr. Linsner has acted as an expert witness providing review and litigation support in many Federal and Civil cases involving the authenticity and value of artworks. He is designated as a Qualified Source by the Department of the Treasury of the United States and the Office of the Attorney General.